Holy Feel was born because we realized that millions of Christians around the world do not have the chance to set foot in the Holy Land.

While having the chance to live there, we realized the importance for every Christian visiting Jerusalem, to bring back as souvenir, a piece of this ancestral Land.

Holy Feel, specialized in jewelry creation for many years, came up with the idea of ​​linking religion and fashion for women, men and children.

All our creations are handmade and contain authentic sand from the Holy city of Jerusalem, collected by our team.

This Holy sand is then mixed with the Jordan Water, where our Lord was baptized by John the Baptist.

All our jewels was blessed on the Anointing Stone of the Holy Sepulcher, the Holiest site of Christendom where our Lord was deposed after being crucified. It is also the Holiest place in the world where we can speak directly to God.

When you wear our products, you will feel the love and protection of our Lord and you will remain motivated and focused to put your faith into action.

Wear it with dedication, commitment, affection and love.

Due to our success, we became also specialized in gift ideas for baptisms, communions, professions of faith, birthdays, Christmas or any other events.

You have finally found the perfect gift at an affordable price, of inestimable value.